The Art of The Election

Ok: Remember my Super Tuesday essay after Mr Trump basically secured the Republican nomination for President on March 15th? Here’s the link

In that I assured you it was written because I “did not have a horse in the race,”. That meant because I’m Canadian I am unable to vote there. It didn’t mean I didn’t have an opinion on things.

No, I didn’t want Donald Trump to win, but I didn’t want Hillary Clinton to win either. I just cannot tolerate her. I am looking forward to the first woman president, and I think that’s going to happen sooner rather than later. Finally the glass ceiling, the ULTIMATE glass ceiling will be shattered, just not by Clinton.
But, had this election been held here, it would be the first one since I became a legal voter that I would actually not exercise my right to vote.  I truly, sincerely apologise to all Canada’s veterans who read that last sentence, and thank you as always for protecting our freedom in this great country, and for that right to vote.

Now we have the results, and we have “President-Elect Trump”. With the amount of hatred, vitriol, ignorance, anger, and insults being typed on my Facebook news feed, you’d actually think Trump lost, and now everyone is acting like they think HIS supporters would following a loss. They went out of their way to criticize the supporters of Mr. trump during the campaign for this exact type of behaviour. It’s so very pathetic, and sadly, incredibly hypocritical. Do better…BE better. Please people? Set that good example for your children that all the pundits and you are worried will dissipate due to this election result.
Everyone has been talking about how they “want to work together to unite the USA and the world”, but then all the members of the losing party immediately start acting in a manner totally contradictory to this ideal. It’s over. We don’t like it, but let’s hold our noses, and act like a civilized continent. It starts at home.

It began election night when Clinton wouldn’t even give a concession speech. WTF? It’s not like she was in bed reading a book or binge watching “24” in her hotel room. Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewndowski went OFF when it happened on CNN. Democratic shill Van Jones tried to tell him he was being ignorant, and I agree he went a “little” over the top.  Then the “media stunner moment” of the night occurred as both Jake Tapper and Dana Bash actually agreed with Mr. Lewandowski. It blew me away! They’re with CNN, the most loyal of Clinton’s media buddies. (I cite CNN a lot because they’re the only major American cable news network we get here.  We don’t get MSNBC or FoxNews.)  It was the worst possible way for her to “begin the final chapter” in her political career. It was sheer poor-sportsmanship. Again, not the example we want to be setting for our children.

Now imagine if Trump had pulled that stunt. The ridiculously left wing liberal democrat media in the US and Canada would crucify him.
CNN had enough trouble that night with Wolf Blitzer and his multiple “Breaking News” coronaries having to announce another Trump state win, John King trying to figure out the Magic Wall math as to how their puppet master can pull off a miracle comeback, and Jake Tapper’s hair turning grey faster than a woodland animal in springtime. Now that she’s done, they’re going to need every ounce of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s neurological surgery brilliance to separate their anointed Democratic Party demagogue, without killing the patient.

No, I didn’t want him to win. But he did. The sun still rose, and the stock market went up. The Whos down in Whoville are still singing and joyful.  What most people are totally overlooking is the fact the Republicans won the Senate and the Congress as well. In so many ways this was a “rejection election”. The people wanted change. They’re tired of nothing happening in DC. It was a rejection of Obama in part, because basically everything in government shut down over the past six years of his term in office because he wouldn’t agree to sign anything given to him by a Republican Senate or Congress. NADA, zero, zilch. Nothing was accomplished. So the people wanted a clean slate. They took a chance with the ultimate outsider, but the devil they knew. They knew he was not already part of the problem with the Washington elite. He’s seriously flawed, but because they’re so damn fed up with Washington, everything he did was overlooked.

Then with Secretary Clinton, her untrustworthy past continually caught her in an inescapable net. On Super Tuesday I referred to this as the “rogue almond in the vanilla ice cream” effect. No one knew what the next scoop might bring up with her.

Last night, people began exercising their right to publicly protest the results. Well, it’s called a “protest” by CNN. But if those were Trump supporters it would be labelled a “riot”. Believe me, if they started burning Clinton in effigy it would be called a riot.  NO, I didn’t want him to win, however there was one good thing that happened: watching the pompous, arrogant, and totally left-wing biased media be so very, VERY wrong. There’s nothing better. By 10:30 last night I couldn’t stop laughing at the faces of the smug CNN anchors as their faces melted like hot butter. The media, the Democrats, and everyone involved in the Clinton campaign thought this was a sweep for her. They were stunned.

They took states like Wisconsin for granted. They seriously guessed wrong in the use of the “celebrity vote”.  Real people don’t care who George Clooney and LeBron are voting for.  All that did was create a further divide between the haves and have-nots. They ignored an entire segment of the population. They had trouble understanding that white, working-class individuals are people too. Unfortunately for them, these turned out to be the people she needed to talk to. She needed to assure them she had their backs. The rust belt unemployment rate has skyrocketed since Obama took office, and their rural areas are tired of being overlooked.

We were constantly fed incorrect information about all these polling numbers, and positive clips of Clinton, and selective negative sound bites from Trump on a loop.
It didn’t work. People are so frustrated with being told that “these are the people who know what’s best for the USA, ” by mainstream media outlets, that the electorate was willing to overlook all of the many, many flaws of Trump. MSM took a major blow to its already waning credibility with its blatant overt support and cheerleading efforts for the democrats. Things are going to need to change for them, or cable news networks, and news shows in general might end up going the way of the newspaper. Most people now get their news from social media. It’s not the late night shows like we’re led to believe, anymore. They became unwatchable due to the non-stop Trump bashing and winding up the Clinton propaganda machine. Yes “The Daily Show” and “SNL”, we get it: you don’t like him or any Republicans. Find a new joke.  That’s where she lost the millennial vote

Like many of you, I didn’t want him to  win, but he actually did. And he did it in the best way we know how to chose our government and its leaders: Democracy. While the Electoral College system played a role, the people still spoke, and they for what they wanted. Of course today, I hear Democrats are going to start trying to undo the electoral college system. They have lost twice since 2000 because of it. I’m guessing if they WON Bush vs Gore, or now Trump vs Clinton, nary a bad word would be said about it.

So again…no, I didn’t want him to win. Most of you appear to have felt the same way. But I’m very disappointed in the way many of you have done exactly what you shouldn’t be on your Facebook page, with the hateful words, insults, and unwillingness to accept this.
But enough already. It’s time to stop with the, “I can’t believe this.” posts. Believe it.
I have to as well, and Americans truly do have to come together in unity. I have faith there’s enough smart people surrounding Mr. Trump that the right decisions will be made. If we’ve been told one thing about him, it’s that he hates to lose or fail at anything. I’m trying to have faith his advisers and the Obama transition team will do their damnedest to make sure the country runs smoothly during a bumpy next few months.  It will also be time for all of his ardent supporters to hold his feet to the fire to make sure he follows through on what they want done with the economy, security, and health care.

Keep in mind, while the office of the President is called “the most powerful in the world”, a President really has very, very limited powers. It’s Congress and the Senate who debate and create and the legislation. That legislation then goes to the Oval Office for a signature. It only gets signed if the President is convinced all of it is the right thing. It’s an all or nothing deal barring a line item veto which last happened in Bill Clinton’s tenure. That’s a rarity.

So I leave you with this:
The people have spoken. 55+ million people voted in a way no one ever thought possible on June 16th, 2015 when Donald J. Trump descended his escalator in Trump Tower and announced his candidacy. However that’s when democracy took over, and the people were given another option. “Democracy” does not inherently mean nor does not intend to include “unity”. Democracy gives us the right to disagree, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. We do not HAVE to always have agreement, but we need to be civil about the outcome and have productive talks about what we want. The candidates, Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton, along with some biased media, candidate “surrogates”, and general protagonists have said so many vicious things about each other that unity may be impossible for quite a while.
What is for sure is that the country must be engaged with their local representative in Republican/federal government policy development, and speak their opinion on all issues without fear of verbal reprisal or abuse from fellow citizens. Without that, governments will tend to listen to the most vocal “interests” or the highest dollar amount on such important issues as gun laws, women’s rights, race relations, health care and child protection laws.

In closing, it is very apparent unity and democracy do not coincide. But if we all behave in the civilized manner we’re expecting from others, it truly shouldn’t need to.


About Darin A. Ramsay

Stay at home Dad for my super 7-year old daughter. I'm passionate about who I love, and what I write. I am an independent sports analyst/writer, as well I opine prophetic on different topics as I see fit. I am forever a proud Patriots, Predators , Tigers, Spurs, Miami Hurricanes football, and Arizona Wildcat basketball fan.
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