“Bill M-103” or, “How I fell in love with having duct tape stuck over my mouth”

Hello folks:

As a young Canadian, I was taught that we are constantly trying to bridge any divide that may come between us. We managed to keep Quebec in Canada. We’ve come together as a nation and fought in at least four or five major war campaigns. We’ve acted as as the go-between in many United Nations problems on countless occasions even, as they will not recognize us by putting us on the Security Council. Hey, we even brought the Jets back to Winnipeg.

But now it appears our youthful, vibrant, well-coiffed, yet horribly unqualified PM Trudeau is starting to make President Trump look like the smart, loyal, good guy leader of the North American nations.  That’s not a good thing. With every single new law enacted in Canada under this government, trying to appease every single ridiculous micro-minority in this country, we have more and more left behind the core values, beliefs, and foundations upon which it was founded, thereby fracturing us, and slowly breaking us apart.

The healthy, middle-class, hard working, heterosexual, white male in Canada is now officially screwed after the passing of Bill M-103. Please take a moment today or this week and speak with any veteran you see about how they feel since they heard the news. After all, they now have the proof-positive knowledge that our government just doesn’t seem to care how hard they fought, how badly they were injured, or how many of their brothers in arms died trying to protect our right, nay obligation to have free speech. With one stroke of a pen, it’s just not going to matter. It could however, get JT a boost of the “minority vote” and a possible Redken hair products endorsement deal. It’s such a blatantly sad political ploy.

The left-leaning citizens and, especially the media outlets of our great nation, wanted a clear-cut governmental change of direction before the last election. In fact they’re so left-wing all they can do is fly in circles and dive bomb people who they think are being insensitive. It’s that type of hypocracy in a liberal ideologist that drives me crazy. It seems that in their world of sunshine, rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns you have to agree with their opinion. If you do not, you be treated as an outcast, a bigot, ignorant, intolerant, and of course fascist. But isn’t that what they’re trying to fight the OTHER way?  Isn’t this a kind of “reverse racism” or “old rich white guy phobia”? It makes no sense whatsoever.  It’s starting to look like a leftist version of 1930’s Germany

Unfortunately for these liberal minded folk,  AND for the rest of us, they got the government they wanted. I truly believe many of them are now starting to question what they’ve done.

To those people, I tell them there is only one correct answer to that question:
You broke my country.

🇨🇦 Forever


About Darin A. Ramsay

Stay at home Dad for my super 7-year old daughter. I'm passionate about who I love, and what I write. I am an independent sports analyst/writer, as well I opine prophetic on different topics as I see fit. I am forever a proud Patriots, Predators , Tigers, Spurs, Miami Hurricanes football, and Arizona Wildcat basketball fan.
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